Sunday, August 2, 2009

Dragon Ears

I was thinking about dragon ears today. Are they soft and leathery, or are they covered with scales. The more I thought about it, the more I realized they are actually both. They have a soft leather like skin as a framework, but the are also covered with scales---scales that are much smaller than the others covering the rest of their bodies.

I also know they are very keen of hearing. Delightfully so. This skill is very useful and thought to be magic, but it isn't.

Take this situation that happened today. I was voicing my concerns about dragon ears aloud, in the privacy of my writing love seat in my very own bedroom, when a gaggle, flock, gang, herd, swarm, school, . . . of dragons flew by and overheard me through closed windows. That is how I received the answer about their ears.

However, now I have another question. What is the term for a group of dragons flying together? Oh, I shouldn't have read this out loud unless I really wanted the answer. They are called a clan. Thank you Sparkin, my fine dragon friend, now go home to bed in your Lair. It is late!

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