Thursday, November 22, 2012


by Sparkin, the Dragon

Sorry you had to wait until this week to find out what those four scrappy words meant.

I was in the middle of a battle, yes, a real battle with the horrible Gatekeepers of Shadows. I did all of those things and in just that order. You see, that evil society let loose a bunch of "Black Shiners." (You may know them as black widows.)  They are horrific, and that is putting it mildly. Those creepy crawlers wiggle under my scales and try to bite me. Not much luck on the biting though since my skin under my scales is pretty tough. But no matter, those little black things with their spindly, jiggly legs are just flat out frightening. (Yes, even we strong and amazerful dragons find some things scary.)

Well, as you can tell, I escaped the Gatekeepers of  Shadows, or I wouldn't be able to write to you this week. Sure, there is a ton more to the story, but I have to take off right now. There is a storm blowing in, and I want to be back in the Stoneloch Lair before it hits. It is tough to ride the winds of a storm.

See you soon,

Your friend in the sky,

Sparkin, the Dragon

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