Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Books and other treasure won by ye worthy Treasure Hunters!
June 1
SPONSOR: Donna Hatch
WINNER: Amber Nielson, Vermont, USA
June 2
SPONSOR: Laurie Lewis
WINNER:  Barbara Stilwell
June 3
WINNER:  Judy Cox, Louisiana, USA
June 4
SPONSOR: Jenna Dawlish
WINNER: Ginny Romney Arizona, USA
 June 5
SPONSOR: Rachael Renee Anderson
WINNER:  Karin Tillotson Pennsylvania, USA
June 6
SPONSOR: Linda Kay Garner
WINNER:  Laura Lewis North Carolina, USA
June 7
SPONSOR: Danielle Thorne
WINNER: Carol Rainbolt Arizona, USA
June 8
SPONSOR: Larry Hammersley
WINNER:  Minna Gerhart
June 9
SPONSOR: Linda Weaver Clarke
WINNER: Cassandra Cantrell Utah, USA
June 10
SPONSOR: Angela Morrison
WINNER: Diana Donahoo Illinois, USA
June 11
SPONSOR: Ronda Gibb Hinrichsen
WINNER: Amanda Isbell Utah, USA
June 12
SPONSOR: Anne Patrick
WINNER:  Cindy Schuerr Wisconsin, USA
June 13
SPONSOR: Rebecca Talley
WINNER: Rachel Staqnley California, USA
June 14
SPONSOR: David J. West
WINNER: Tawn;ya Mayo Utah, USA
June 15
SPONSOR: Jennifer Stewart Griffith, author of Choosing Mr. Right and Delicious Conversation
WINNER: Tracy Astle California, USA
June 16
SPONSOR: Rebecca Irvine
WINNER: Tracy Travis California, USA
June 17
SPONSOR: Marilyn Bunderson
WINNER: Karen Haas North Carolina, USA
June 18
SPONSOR: Heather Justesen
WINNER: Colleen Conklin Arizona, USA
June 19
SPONSOR: Nichole Giles
WINNER: Taffy Love Utah, USA
June 20
SPONSOR: Karen Adair
WINNER: Becky Drew Arizona, USA
June 21
SPONSOR: Lynn Parsons, co-author of the soon-to-be-released (dis)Abilities and the Gospel (nonfiction)
WINNER: Karen Tillotson Pennsylvania, USA
June 22
SPONSOR: Kinzie Monroe
WINNER: Paige Child Utah, USA
June 23
SPONSOR: Michele Ashman Bell
WINNER: Sharlina Mata Costa Rica
June 24
SPONSOR: Jaimey Grant and JaysDesign Jewelry
WINNER: Cydni Tonguish Utah, USA
June 25
SPONSOR: Christine Thackeray
WINNER: Carissa Cantell Utah, USA
June 26
SPONSOR: Bonnie Harris
WINNER: Cheryl Snyder Pennsylvania, USA
June 27
SPONSOR: Teralee Deighton
WINNER: Susan Arroyo Utah, USA
June 28
SPONSOR: C. LaRene Hall
WINNER:  Chris Okelberry Utah, USA
June 29
SPONSOR: Sarah M. Eden
WINNER: Teryyn Ercnbrack Utah, USA
June 30
SPONSOR: Marcia Mickelson
WINNER: Paticia Cochran Texas, USA
July 1
SPONSOR: Kimberly Job
WINNER: Archana Subramaniam Georgia, USA
July 2
SPONSOR: Joan Sowards
WINNER: Jobie Marshall Ogden
July 3
SPONSOR: Margaret L. Turley RN
WINNER: Heather Perry Utah, USA
July 4
SPONSOR: Joyce DiPastena
WINNER: Lexie Hogan Utah, USA
July 5
SPONSOR: Cindy R. Williams
PRIZE: Chase McKay Didn’t Get Up Today (Arizona Glyph Award Finalist and Southwest Book Awards Finalist), a snuggle, giggle children’s picture book
QUESTION: There is a picture of Cindy holding two dragons on her website, www.cindyrwilliams.com. The names of the dragons are in the caption below the picture. What are their names? (Hint: Look on the “Book” page)
WEBSITE/BLOG: http://www.cindyrwilliams.com
WINNER: Diane Pollack Iowa, USA
ANSWER: Thundertail & Sparkin
July 6
SPONSOR: Gail Pallotta
WINNER: Jeanette Jackson, Canada
July 7
SPONSOR: Danyelle Ferguson, co author of the soon-to-be-released non-fiction book: (dis)Abilities and WINNER:  Jacque Stevends Maryland, USA
July 8
SPONSOR: Karen E. Hoover
WINNER: Paige Ray California, USA

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