Wednesday, July 14, 2010


This post is by the author of the book about me, the humble yet noble Sparkin of the Stoneloch Dragon Clan. She has some exciting news about what is happening to my story.


What's a query letter you say? It's a letter that is meant to convince an editor that your story is the greatest story ever told and that they absolutley have to have it even more than chocolate. A query letter is your proposal of sorts, your calling card, you're desperate plea to "PICK ME! PICK ME!" without sounding the least bit whiny or desperate.

I have been flying on Sparkin's back over Arizona for three years now and yet found the query letter about as much work. Wait a minute, hold the phone, and your horses or whatever it is you hold. I actually found the book an absolute delight to write. I love the characters, even the sinister ones and many times had to be called back to this planet to fix dinner, and attend to the worldy needs of my wonderful family. The query letter was more of a tear out your hair exercise that lasted through several months of research and 42 different versions, one to please each query letter expert. I studied the blurbs on the back of a gazillion books, and finally had an epiphany. Why not do the exercise outlined by one of my most favorite agents that I was blessed to attend her presentation last April at the LDStorymakers Writers Conference?

So after the "why did it take you so long to figure it out," moment, I finally hit upon what the heart of this book is about and what makes it unique --yes Sparkin, I know it's really you that makes it unique. I realized it is a story of youth learning that they can do hard things, and learning that it is okay to be yourself even if you are different than others.

As the amazerful Sparkin the dragon would say, "It is ever so sweet" to have it complete.


Valerie Ipson said...

Congratulations on what you accomplished so far!

I loved hearing about your story today. I can't wait to read it!!!

elizabeth mueller said...

Yippee! Congratulations, that's exciting stuff! I'm so happy for you!

RaShelle said...

So glad!!! Yay!!! Cute dragon too. =D

Karen Troncale said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has sweated over writing query letters!