Saturday, May 26, 2012

Tonight's Flight

Hi, it is me, Sparkin.

It is quite late by human time, but not so much for dragons. I just landed on my balcony from my usual night fly-around. I am happy to report that I didn't see any goblins out and about near any homes tonight. In fact, the best news is that they have been building a new tunnel in Goblin Mountain so we propably will not be bothered by them for a long while. You see, goblins are not the brightest beasts of the bunch. They use their hands to dig. Yes, they have long, sharp claw-like fingernails, and toe nails, (they use their feet to dig also) but this is not the most efficient way to dig a tunnel through what is mostly black onyx. So . . . you see, it could even be years before they bother any of us. Good news right? 

Now before you get too comfortable, let me remind you that there are always a few rascal goblins that will sneak out to do some toe twizzling to let off some steam, so do be a bit chary. (Chary is a real dragon word. You will read more about it in my book, THUNDERTAI'S TAIL: THE LEGEND soon I hope.)

Don't let this picture scare you. It is only a picture. Real goblins are much furrier than this fellow, but it is pretty close to how they really look.

Time for a quick run through the waterfall then nestle in my golden-spun cloud bed.

Your amazerful flying friend,


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