Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Great Day in the Superstition Mountains

by Sparkin - the dragon

Hi Guys, Yes, I know, it's about time I visited Dragon Dreamer again. Sorry, summer is one of the best times to be a dragon, well . . . any time is great to be a dragon really, but summer is amazerful. No school, you know. That is enough right? I get up fairly early, although it really is a bit of a sleep in, since I don't get up as early as when there is school. It is kind of like every day is Saturday. I get my morning chores done, and help me Mum with whatever she needs. Sometimes I even get to do "fly arounds" with me Da. Fly arounds are my favorite.

First, Da and I check to make sure the Dome is holding, you know, no goblins, Cyclops or humans breaching its magic protection. Then Da and I usually fly through the Shield Dome taking us out of New Dragonland, and into your world. I LOVE YOUR WORLD! Sure, it is pretty dry outside of my home in the Superstition Mountains, but it is still way amazerful. I mean you have those cool cacti –the plural for cactus, we learned that in Humanology- with the arms that reach out and try to catch my feet when I fly by. It is a game I like to play with them. They do not move very quickly, but still try to snag me anyway, and when I whoosh by, it makes their cactus needles shiver and they actually giggle. I bet you did not know that cactus move let alone giggle. Well they do.

The other day I saw a rattle snake. A real live and ANGRY rattle snake! I know it was mad because the front half was weaving in the air, and its jaws were wide open with these mega fangs flashing. I heard it first. It was about as long as my tail . . . ummm which is about five feet in human talk. Big rattle snake right? Da and I were just soaring along minding our own business and I heard it. It really did have a rattle on the end of its tail and it shook it fast. I asked Da what it was and he told me to catch the next wind draft up out of the snake’s way and he would tell me. So we circled high above it as me Da told me that it is a poisonous snake, but it only bites when startled or frightened. Sounds good to me. Rattle snakes shake their rattle to warn you that you are getting too close, you know, in their territory or something. It was mostly beige and brown, with diamond shapes all along its back, which Da said that means it is a Diamond Back Rattle snake. Amazerful right?

Well, Fenton is yapping for me to practice some Brackle Bramble games so bye for now. Oh, and I hope an agent takes a liking to me soon, so I can come visit you soon.

Flyer of the Sky,


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