Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sparkin is on the move!

Hi Mortals,

Hmmmmmmm, that is weird. We dragons are immortal, unless of course something unusual happens. But alas, that is not the way of it today for today is a beautiful day for flying.

My mermaid friend, Merana, was floating in Azure Lake. She asked me what it is like to fly. As I circled around her in the air, I realized it is most like swimming around in the water, other than air is not as thick, and so my movements can be faster.

Merana did a amazerful surface dive, flipping her tail and a stream of water into the air. Which hit me square in the face--the water--not her tail. After about a minute, she resurfaced and said she agrees. She can imagine gliding along in the sky on wind currants as she slices in and out of the water currents.

This brings me to you mortals. Do you swim? If so, imagine yourself flying in the sky while you are swishing all around in the water. I think you will get an idea of how wonderful it is to fly.

Maybe someday you can go for a ride on my back . . . maybe.

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