Thursday, November 14, 2013

It is cooling off in the atmosphere!

Hi Dragon Friends,

I took a late circle around New Dragon Land this evening and I do believe the weather is finally changing here in Arizona. It was cold, crisp and clear as far as the eye could see, and dragon eyes can see incredibly far. When I am up near the top of the Shield Dome, you know, the protective dome that surrounds all of our land, I can see all the way up to Flagstaff to the north, Thatcher to the east, Tucson to the south, and a whole lot of desert to the west.

Not too many days from now, my scales will frost up while flying. I don't mind though. My Mum always has an amazerful fire burning in our family lair. The fireplace is big enough for me to plop right in the coals and warm up. No worries. My scales are fire proof. They have to be because I am a fire blazing dragon. Cool right? I mean hot right?

Well good night for now. See you in dragon dreams.

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