Thursday, July 17, 2014

It Is a Hot Summer and . . . Watch out of Freaky Fog Eye!

By Sparkin of the Stoneloch Dragon Clan

Hi All My Dragon Friends!

Things are HOT here in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona. No matter though, we dragons are blessed to have the ability to fly through cool clouds, and I mean cool from water collecting high in the sky. We also LOVE water and there is an amazerful lake in Dalrimple (Dragon Land). We swim almost daily with Morena, a mermaid of course. We dragons have great lungs so I can stay under water for almost a half hour. You should see the bottom of the lake. The mermaids live in shell homes decorated by pearls and some incredibly colorful water plant life. The pearls glow, so it is actually quite bright near the bottom.

So . . . no worries about the Arizona heat for dragons! We are all having a fantabulist time.

However . . . the other day, I flew over to visit "Chief" the Noodle --remember a "Noodle" is the go between humans and magical creatures. Anyway, Chief rode his flying painted pony along side me. He told me that Freaky Fog Eye, the local school janitor has created a dragon catching cage. It is often set up on the roof of the local swimming pool. I will avoid flying by it like a plague of gibbering giblets or a gang of goblins.

If you see Freaky Fog Eye, or any of the other Gatekeepers of Shadows, please let me know!

Your flying friend,


Sparkin of the Stoneloch Dragon Clan

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