Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sparkin Is Taking The Day Off From Flying

Hi Dragon Believers Around the World,

Today is 117 degrees. For real! So, I am floating around Tamarask Lake today. Yes, we dragons can swim. We actually swim almost as good as we fly. In fact I just finished-and almost won-a race with Morena. She's a mermaid. She can really fly in the water.

It gets this hot in Arizona a number of times each summer and the best thing to do is to get all your lads together and have a frolicking water fight. Fenton and Doornoch, showed up about an hour ago, and we had a fireblast, I mean a waterblast.

One of the most amazerful thing dragons can do is fill up our fire-shooters with water then blast it out. Fire follows so you get a huge column of WARM water followed by a flames. Not many humans have seen a dragon do this. In fact, I am not sure that any human has seen a dragon shoot water flames.

Maybe someday, you will see me do it in your minds eye when you read about me in my book.

That is . . . if my silly writer gets me out soon.


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