Wednesday, December 2, 2015


by Sparkin Stoneloch

Did you know my clan name is Stoneloch? Well, it is, but that is not what I am writing about today. I want to tell you how excited I am about Christmas. I have been invited this year to help Santa. Yes, you read that right. Each year dragons help pull sleighs, hundreds of them. Santa's helper elves deliver presents on Christmas Eve along with Santa. I mean, how do you think Santa gets the whole world covered? Dragons pull many of the sleighs because there are only so many reindeer.

Back to this year though. I get to help Santa,not just one of the elves, deliver toys. How did this happen you ask? I am just the one to tell you.

Rudolph had an accident during flight training. He broke his nose. Now don't worry. He is fine, and so is is nose, but it will take some time for it to heal and in the meantime, his nose will not light up. That won't stop him from leading the team of course, but it does mean that Santa needs a dragon to use his fire to light the way when we get into fog, or blizzards.

That dragon is me! Sparkin of the Stoneloch dragon clan. So, watch out your window Christmas Eve, and you just might catch a glance of me flying alongside Santa, and his sleigh being pulled by Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixin, Comet, Cupid, Donder, Blitzen and of course Rudolph.

Merry Christmas to all you nice humans. If you are not a nice one, Merry Christmas to you too, but it would be good for you if you were nice because Santa is watching.

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